About us

The purpose of the Applied Physics and Electronics seminar is to guide talented students through various aspects of scientific research. Students gain knowledge and practical skills in fields of mathematics, physics, electronics, programming and robotics, which offers them numerous possibilities for future specialization and research. Through participating in winter, spring, summer and fall seminars, students gain skills and competences for development of individual scientific projects.

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 Winter seminar

Winter seminars consist of lectures from various experts aimed at introducing students to fields of study related to the seminar, but not covered by the standard high-school curriculum. Lectures are designed to spark interest and encourage creative thinking towards eventual projects. Those who demonstrate motivation, dedication and creativity get an opportunity to participate in future seminars.
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 Spring seminar

During spring seminars, students gain hands-on skills through practical laboratory work and development of miniature projects. This allows them to familiarize with specific equipment, measurement tools and software packages as well as different scientific methods. An important aspect of spring seminars is learning to acquire, process and interpret scientific data.[/overlay][/one_half_last][one_half]
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 Summer seminar

Sole purpose of summer seminars is development of individual projects. Students are given an opportunity to participate in scientific research in their area of interest accompanied by expert guidance and resources. Students explore and implement modern ideas in electronics and applied physics which, due to their complexity, cannot be accomplished outside of PSC. On the last day students present their results and conclusions, participate in discussions and receive a final review of their work.
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 Fall seminar

During the fall seminar students’ main task is to document their journey from motivation to implementation in form of a conference paper. They are also encouraged to discuss and research ideas for future projects.

Since the activation of an online forum dedicated to seminar participants four years ago, students are able stay in touch with organizers all year round. The forum has proven to be a valuable tool for project discussion and preparation for summer seminars.

The official Program’s Facebook page has been activated recently. There, you can find news related to the Program activities, and interesting articles related to our field of interest.